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Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland® Paris: Disney Magic“

"I believe in our vision: a family park where children and parents can have fun, together” the full meaning of Walt Disney’s words becomes apparent when you enter Disneyland® Paris. The theme park transports both children and adults into a world of fun and dreams, between fairy tales, Disney heroes and spectacular attractions. You can be a rat “Chez Gusteau”, launch into the stars in “Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain”, and get terrified at “Phantom Manor”. In a nutshell: you will have an incredible time. Get your tickets: our hotel is right next-door!

Found at : Disneyland® Paris is only a few minutes away from our ACE Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallée.

Disneyland® Paris
Boulevard de Parc
77700 Coupvray