Zoological parks Lumigny

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Zoological parks Lumigny

Lumigny: zoological parks to see during your stay at the hotel

Lumigny: two international zoological parks

Located just a few minutes from the hotel, the Lumigny parks offer a remarkable animal journey at the gateway to Paris. Two parks compete for the spotlight. The feline park is without doubt the most spectacular with its 160 roaring cats! Panthers, tigers, lions, lynxes, pumas, jaguars, cheetahs... all sublime! The monkey park, just opposite the cat park, is not lacking in bite either. Here, gibbons, ouistitis, tamarins and other primates put on a show.
Would you like to spend a nice day with your family? Don't wait any longer, our hotel is located 20 minutes from Lumigny.

Found at : The Lumigny zoological parks are only a 20-minute drive from our ACE Hotel Paris Marne-la-Vallée.

Zoological parks Lumigny
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